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«Why and How to Adjust Pregnant Women»

12 hours Program


  • Woman physiology

  • The importance of adjusting pregnant women

  • First visit (phone call, history, examination, report of findings)

  • Find your routine

  • Pregnancy protocol (sacroiliac instability, Webster, adjustment priorities)

  • Plan of care

  • Soft tissue techniques (ligament release, fascias…)

  • Pelvic Floor overview

  • Complementary exercises

  • Communication with patients (meeting, workshops..)

  • Collaboration with Health Professionals

  • Building a Community



(This module combines theory and practice: fascia work, omplementary exercises from Carol Phillips among others)...

Via Eugenio Calò 25 - Firenze

12 Hours:
Saturday 9AM to 1PM-3PM to 7PM
Sunday 9AM to 1PM

Students 200€
Chiropractors 1st year of practice 250€
Chiropractors 350€

Due to Covid-19 we need to reschedule this seminar, please send me an e-mail at if you want to know our next dates and locations for English courses!


More questions? Feel free to speak with Nicolas Viala, our contact in Italy

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