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Anaïs Badon


Anaïs Badon DC CACCP, is a French Chiropractor, graduated in 2011 by the IFEC Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie in Paris. In 2021, she is CACCP Certified by the Academy Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics by the ICPA International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. 


After a humanitarian mission in India and a year at the Quiropractic Girona Centre in Spain, she moved to Paris where she opened her own practice focused on family care, mainly pregnant women and newborns. She currently lives in Murcia, Spain where she opened NaturaFamily, a space focused on health and wellness for families. She is the vice-president of the French Chiropractic Pediatric Association named AFCP Chiropraxie Pédiatrique.


Anaïs has participated in numerous international chiropractic meetings: The Kids Summit San Francisco and Chicago, Pediatrics Symposium ICA Paris and NYC, ICPA Summit Washington DC, WFC Rio de Janeiro, ECU Brussels and Zurich, WCCS Rio de Janeiro and Dallas, Edinburgh Lectures, Life Roma, ChiroEurope Malaga, Axiom Brussels.. 


Furthermore, she participated as a speaker at The Truth Kansas City (with John Minardi, among others) or at the WCCS Madrid Regional Event with Pr Ted Carrick.


She has also attended the following seminars : Steve Williams, Jennifer Floreani (Well-adjusted Babies), Robert Melillo (Disconnected Kids), Dorte Bladt (Switched on kids), SD Protocol (Dayne Todd), Intersect4Life (Monika Burger), SOT, BEST, AK, Annabelle Gaudinot and Cerebrostim.


She is Webster Technique certified by ICPA International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

She is the only professional in Europe graduated in DBB Dynamic Body Balancing (Carol Phillips' Craniosacral Therapy), 100 hour technic she is teaching in Murcia in 2022.


She was present at pluridisciplinar conferences about early childhood: psychology, breastfeeding, education and childcare. She is trained on Tongue Ties (Au sein en douceur), physiological babycarrier (IEFAP), baby massage and initiation to Red Cross first aid.


She is trained in pelvic floor rehabilitation (Institut De Gasquet), the accompaniment of pregnancy (Paranamadoula with Dr Michel Odent/ Liliana Hammers), doula with Karine La sage-femme aka Quantik Mama, baby sleep (Ingrid Bayot)  and pregnancy nutrition (La Royale).


She is currently studying to be certified Biological Nurturing Breastfeeding Consultant by Suzanne Colson. She started a one year certification regarding Perinatal Mental Health directed by Dr Ibone Olza. 


She organises perinatal seminars and conferences with renowned professionals such as Dr Michel Odent,  Pr Kerstin Uvnäs Möberg, Dr Marc Pilliot, Dr Bernadette de Gasquet, Dr Suzanne Colson… The latest: «Breastfeeding: Beyond the Milk» in October 2019 in Paris brought together more than 130 health professionals.


Her main purpose is to create awareness about the importance and benefits of pediatric chiropractic care for families and professionals.  That is why she participates in many French exhibitions and fairs. She has written articles in specialized magazines « Santé Naturelle », « Women Sports » and « Paroles de maman » as well as for various blogs and websites.


She is particularly interested in plagiocephalies, a subject for which she has made numerous presentations in France, notably at the Bébé Portation show, as well as in nurseries or childhood care centers.


Upon request by her peers she has been teaching her Naturachiro seminar in France, Italy , Mexico and Spain since 2017 in English, Spanish and French.

These are two modules of 12 hours “Why and How to Adjust Pregnant Women” “Why and How to Adjust Babies”. The french courses are also available on line from March 2020.

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