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Dynamic Body Balancing

On person program 

Next WorkShop April 2024 Málaga, Spain 

Séminaire Chiropratique  Périnatal (2).png

Mediterráneo Quiropráctica 
Calle Frigiliana 16
29003 Málaga

tel 640158846

Level I  April 5-6-7 
Level II April 12-14

Level III June 21-23

Level IV Oct 25-27

Level V Nov 29-Dic 01 

Starting on Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday at noon


As humans who deal repeatedly with the physical, emotional, chemical and energetic challenges of life on a planet affected by strong gravitational forces, we are constantly striving to achieve and maintain a state of dynamic equilibrium - despite life circumstances that negatively influence that goal.

Mission Statement

The mission of these teachings are twofold: 1) to teach body workers, chiropractors, therapists, parents and other professionals fundamental principles grounded in anatomy, physiology, and craniosacral therapy and 2) to provide experiential training in Dynamic Body Balancing Techniques that will support the bodies innate desire to achieve a state of homeostasis within all systems of the body.


Participation in this 100 hour/5 level program will give the attendee the ability to address areas of imbalance in all parts of the body, from the cranium to the lower extremities.  It will also give them the confidence to work with the youngest of patients as the focus of Level III-IV will be on the care of pregnant women and children.  Interactive and dynamic in their approach, the techniques taught in this course does not require undressing the client and therefore much more versatile than many other forms of body work.

Price for each Level:

550€ for 3 days, 20 hours 

If you have a question please send me an e-mail

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